Handmade Luxury Home Décor

A home is more than just a spot to sleep and eat. I wanted to make my our home special to us and that meant creating items with meaning and purpose. Blankets, pillows, scarves created with quality yarn and thoughtful stitches from my own hands make for a warm and cozy environment. With over 25 years of crochet practice, I developed a skill that is now shared. 

As the scent of a home is so very important, time and research went into finding the perfect scent. It wasn't out there...so I created it. Using high grade essential and fragrance oils that are phthalate and paraben free in a pure soy wax blend make for a perfect candle. The wicks are sustainable cotton that are soot free. 

All of these items are handmade by myself in Calgary, AB Canada in my home. My family members- Brian (husband), Theo (son), Pancakes (French bulldog), Pierre (French bulldog) and Moose (French Bulldog), snuggle test and sniff all samples happily!

Thank you for enjoying and snuggling often! 

Jesse Hennings (she/her)